Greetings and welcome to this blog. I’m an author who has written or co-authored several books published in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and elsewhere. My wide-ranging interests include visual style, military history, popular culture and food and drink. This blog is related to my most recent book, Runway Goddess: The magic and mystique of the fashion model, which is currently in production. At the same time, I’m blogging and finishing the manuscript for my next book, an account of brewing beer from the ground up. After that, I intend to sleep.

Until 2003, I was acquisitions editor for Madison Press Books, a producer of large-run illustrated books. All were great fun to work on and many were international best-sellers. As an author, I worked with Dr. Robert Ballard, the scientist and explorer who found the Titanic, on the recent Titanic: The Last Great Images. I’ve also written for magazines, and was a columnist on language for Quill & Quire.

The sketches on the site are done by my partner in life and work Catharine Lyons-King, fulfilling her longstanding desire to be a fashion illustrator.


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